Six big changes make paint enterprises "rise from the dead"


Overcapacity this is a kind of abnormal business model.

However, when backward production capacity was eliminated, supply and demand reached a new balance, overcapacity ended, the industry ushered in a new round of rapid development.

Overcapacity is due to the paint industry low threshold and serious homogeneity, but overcapacity is not a dead end.

Under the guidance of huge market demand, breaking through the bottleneck of production capacity has greater significance for brand enterprises.

However, paint companies can try to change some of the original mode of operation, so that enterprises "come back from the dead."

A change: color and style are all the significant features of fashion products, but also the most eye-catching and moving.

A well-known paint brand took the lead in launching the "color and shape" revolution.

The technology also has a strong sense of design-the original porcelain, glass and other different design elements combined on the paint, paint products more rich in color tension and expressiveness, in color used to change the log color, bold use of bright colors;

Very explosive.

This is very seductive for the young people who believe in fashion nowadays.

Two changes: in many people's concept of paint is generally made of bamboo and wood, but in the constant innovation constantly try new things, the material of paint has gradually become diversified.

A few days ago, in the market visit found that there are now a lot of alternative materials on the market, powerful coatings.

For example, natural environmental protection and sturdy and durable grain chaff outdoor paint, soundproof moistureproof cork coating, still have luxurious real leather coating to wait even.

Three changes: coating industry has been relying on the traditional production process, because most enterprises lack the ability to reform and innovation, resulting in the paint industry high cost, low efficiency, high cost, poor quality, long delivery cycle.

The paint enterprises should combine the development trend of the industry, draw lessons from the advanced technology of the developed countries, work out the feasible development plan, give full play to the advantage of the product and technology, realize the economic, practical, high-efficient and energy-saving of the coating.

So that the paint in the traditional process on the basis of innovation and development.

Four changes: to measure whether an enterprise is advanced, whether it has market competitiveness or not, and whether it can continuously lead its competitors, the important index is that the leading technology can produce high-quality product technology.

With the rapid development of coating market in China, the application and development of core production technology has become the focus of the industry, and the innovation of paint products has also begun to change from decorative to functional.

After experiencing a number of style appeals and material debates, the Chinese paint market has really returned to the "function theory".

Five changes: paint enterprise logistics problems are hard, hindered the development of the industry is an indisputable fact, but does not mean that the final hard injury can only develop into a brand, lingering.

In view of the material flow process in the bump extrusion easy to cause the paint to produce the scratch, the abrasion, even deforms and so on the question, the coating enterprise may innovate.

In addition, the transportation channels of products should be opened, or supporting logistics programs should be set up, or third party logistics companies should be combined, and so on.

Six changes: paint enterprises to deal with customer after-sales problems slow efficiency is a major problem besetting the industry, the establishment of a set of enterprises to respond to the after-sales service mechanism is essential.

Coating enterprises should be good at using modern information means to make after-sales service more convenient.

For example, through the construction of enterprise suppression system quickly pull up customer orders or feedback information and timely processing, through the WeChat QR code scanning can be the fastest speed of interaction with consumers.

The custom-made coating enterprise must pay full attention to after-sales service, and its brand, to bring more value-added services to customers.

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