How should the Environmental Protection Industry go out under the background of "Belt and Road"?


"Belt and Road" is a major strategic decision made by our country to examine the international development trend from a strategic perspective and to co-ordinate the domestic and international situations. Integrating the concept of ecological civilization into the "Belt and Road" construction, strengthening the service and support of the ecological environmental protection to the "Belt and Road" construction, and giving play to the role of the exchange platform of international environmental protection cooperation will give the ancient Silk Road a new connotation of the times. To inject new vitality into Asia-Europe regional cooperation. Along with the implementation of the "Belt and Road" measures, China's energy conservation and environmental protection industry "going out" also ushered in a major opportunity for development. The energy conservation and environmental protection industry should take full advantage of the opportunity, actively participate in the international market development and competition, and serve the important strategy of the country in the process of development and expansion.

"going out" of Environmental Protection Industry under the Strategy of "Belt and Road" ushered in important Development opportunitiesIn August 2013, the State Council issued the "opinions on speeding up the Development of Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Industries," pointing out that speeding up the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industries will help boost investment and consumption, create new economic growth points, and promote industrial upgrading and transformation of development patterns. It is of great significance to promote energy conservation, emission reduction and livelihood improvement, and to ensure that a well-off society will be built in an all-round way by 2020. Among them, through the international development to support the development of environmental protection industry has become an important content.

Technology, market and capital are the three basic driving forces for industrial development. "Belt and Road" has brought opportunities for technological innovation, huge potential market and capital guarantee for the environmental protection industry to "go out". With the implementation of the "Belt and Road" strategy, the environmental protection industry has "gone out" to face the international market and has ushered in an important opportunity for development. Belt and Road not only emphasized the connection of geography and transportation, but also paid more attention to the formation of new green and sustainable development economic belt, and realized the fusion of the historical and cultural line and the ecological civilization line of the Silk Road.

"Policy Communication" and "Communication among the people" become the Policy basis of "going out""Belt and Road" along the line are mostly emerging economies and developing countries, generally faced with industrialization and global industrial transfer of environmental pollution, ecological degradation and other challenges, speed up the transformation, promote green development calls for increasing. "Policy communication" requires us to strengthen policy dialogue and exchanges with these countries, understand the environmental protection laws, regulations, and policy standards of these countries, and provide a policy basis for our country's environmental protection industry to "go global." Environmental protection itself is a public welfare undertaking, vigorously promoting ecological environmental protection, serving the "communion of the people" of the "Belt and Road" strategy, further consolidating the foundation of public opinion, and contributing to the realization of mutual benefit and win-win results.

"Facility connection" and "smooth Trade" push the Environmental Protection Industry to realize the Integration of the whole Industry chainCommanding various mechanisms, relying on the eastern coastal areas where China's environmental protection industry is developed, creating a "Belt and Road" demonstration base for environmental technology transfer and industrial cooperation, screening a number of suitable technologies, and gathering a number of competitive environmental protection enterprises, Promote the international transfer of technologies such as air pollution control, water treatment, and solid waste treatment, strengthen the technological reserves of Chinese environmental protection enterprises in these fields, and promote the promotion of China's practical environmental protection technologies and products in developing countries. Service "Belt and Road" in the grand strategy of environmental protection requirements.

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